Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately, while I am open to suggested themes and ideas, I am not able to take custom orders. 

How do I request the free chain when buying three pendants?

You don't have to!  If you buy ANY three pendants that do not include chains I will include the chain automatically.  I guarantee it!  These orders also qualify for shipping as well.  No coupon or promo code needed.  The pendants can be different styles or all the same; I have no restrictions on choice!

Is your work ever discounted or on sale?

To be fair to all my collectors, I never run a sale or special.  My price for a piece will always be the same online, at a fair, on black friday, or a week before Mother's Day.  My inventory however, is always in rotation and once a piece is gone, it is gone.  For this reason, I will often save up a collection to premier at an art fair or have an online "restock time" that is publicized in advance.  

How can an egg be strong enough for jewelry?

After all the artwork is complete, any piece for jewelry is filled and sealed with UV grade resin for durability.  This makes the piece strong enough for everyday wear, but not indestructible.  While I wear these eggs while running around with my kiddos, dropping it on a hard surface could still dent or crack the resin.  Like all precious metals, the sterling silver fixtures and chains will need occasional polishing.  When not being worn, the piece should be stored out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.  With simple proper care, these pieces will last decades.  

Can I try this art?

Nothing makes pysanky artists happier than encouraging new pysanky artists.  No matter your gender or heritage, if you welcome the arrival of spring, this art is for you and we are happy you are here.  

"Are you killing birds?" (This really is a frequently asked question)

No, never.  My eggs are either unfertilized chicken eggs from the grocery store, or unfertilized specialty eggs from a reliable and ethical hatchery in California.  They are a symbol of life without actually ever having the potential to hatch.