Thanks to wonderful customers who keep my shop open, I'm able to send donations to organizations who are making the world better.  When you choose art from me, you are providing the resources so I can make more pysanky for nonprofit auctions.  I could not do this without the generous customer support you've provided.  

In 2022 it became clear that supporting the highly rated charity "Direct Relief" would become a new mission.  I've run three fundraisers on my own for a modest total of $1,700 donated.  The fourth fundraiser was a collaboration with Trace Creek Quilting which brought the grand total to over $5,600.  

Additional charities and non-profits in the St. Louis area that have received donations of art for auction include Rebuilding Together, Stray Rescue of StL, Grace and Peace Woman's Shelter, Town and Country Symphony, Circle of Concern Food Pantry, Sherwood Forest, and the St. Louis Aquarium Foundation.